Learn About a International Inspirational Speaker in Holt, MI

Learn About a International Inspirational Speaker in Holt, MI

So what had happened was...

I'm Taddley O'Ryan, better known as The Shady Saint. I come from a long line of addicts, which has impacted my life in many ways. To deal with the abuse I suffered from as a child, I turned to alcohol, sex and drugs to cope. It wasn't until I became homeless that I decided to take the first step toward improving my life.

I went back to school, found a job and surrounded myself with people who loved me until I learned to love myself. I became a motivational speaker in Holt, Michigan so I could share my story and remind others that it's not too late to change.

I became the person I always wanted to be, and you can, too. Call (517) 477-0589 today to learn more about my career as a comedic inspirational speaker in Holt, Michigan.

I take life one day at a time I might be a "shady saint," but I bring life and hope to every event.

Here are six ways I stand out from other motivational speakers in Holt, Michigan:

  1. I'm living proof that your past doesn't determine your future.
  2. I use humor to remind others they deserve a second chance.
  3. I adapt well to any audience.
  4. I want to help you succeed.
  5. I want people in recovery to know that freedom is attainable.
  6. I live by the mantra, "Today is my day."
It took me a while to learn this, but every day really is your day. You just have to keep moving forward. Contact The Shady Saint now to book me for your next event.